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S.w.a.l.a (Since We All Look Alike) Welcomes You

"Your Hair should Feel, as good as it looks "

 Swala was created with a great understanding that we all look alike, with a variation of skin, and hair difference. Some of the thing's we all have in common is hair & scalp problems. Whether it's itchy, dry, thinning and shedding of hair complications. Swala was created to address these issues, and bring back healthy hair care. Our products is created to promote  healthy scalp, & hair. Because just like Gardening, "if the ground is not taking care of, you will not produce any fruit". Swala hair products was developed to assist in hair growth, reducing stress to the scalp, and bring back a healthy full head of hair.

I'm not just the Owner, I'm a Client

I've been in the hair business since 1994, using a multitude of products. But never finding that product that satisfied me.  In 2018, I moved to South Carolina, and went through the worst case of hair loss, Diagnosed with Alopecia  edges balding, and could not find an answer with the products on the market. Braids, wigs, weaves, were all death sentences for my hair, and scalp. So i started studying what I can do to grow my hair edges back, and with the wealth of knowledge I consumed, I developed an Organic infused Oil. Once I got my hair, & scalp together, I developed a Shampoo, & Conditioner (VEGAN) to compliment my Organic Oil. It took me 2 years to develop these products that I experimented with on myself. But with the grace of GOD, I'm now ready to share with you all.    


 "S.w.a.l.a (Since We All Look Alike)" was created by me for me, and now for you. It is a collection of healthy Organic hair care products that I am very proud of. Our infused organic blend of natural Oils, Shampoo's, and Conditioner's was created to stimulate, the scalp & follicles of the hair, making it healthy once again. It’s herbal fragrance of fresh infused Lemongrass, Lavender, Rosemary and many other essential oils, to help the growth of Hair, and healthy scalp. Not to mention the renewed shine to the Hair it brings. The Products that I took my

time to  perfect (over 18 months), worked for me, and now I'm sharing it with you.

Not just the Owner, I'm a client first_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Why I Started SWALA_edited_edited.jpg


My Hair edges, had thinned out so bad in 2018

Bold Spot_edited_edited.jpg

Reason number Two:

Balding in the middle of my head. All led to insecurities, that I had to find a way to fix.


Hair follicles, and scalp are rejuvenated. Bald spot is nearly gone. 

6 Weeks Bold spot no more.jpg

8 Weeks of using the Organic Oils, & Shampoo's.

Started to feel good about myself again, and by the way the Product works.

8 Weeks of Hair growth_edited_edited_edited.jpg
12 weeks_edited.jpg


Have not permed my hair since the start of using my product.

19 weeks hair growth_edited.jpg


After 19 weeks I have Length, Body, and oh yeah "Momma" edges is back.

Lemongrass & Lavender Oil_edited.jpg

Stages of my own Hair Loss, and Alopecia, was the reason for Creating S.W.A.L.A.

pano shot Oil, & shampoo_edited.jpg


LemonGrass package (4).jpg

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