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"Who We Are"

I created an Organic, Animal cruelty free product, selflessly for me. Because of what I was going through (loss of hair, Breakage, Bald spots, and edges gone). I studied everything I could, to get my hair back on the right track. It took a little while (18 month's to be exact) lot's of trail, & error, but I kept going, until I got the right formula. Once I figured it out, and my hair began to grow, and get healthy, I knew I had to pass these products on because we all go through the same problems with our hair (S.W.A.L.A.). Everything I'm selling on this page I use, and the proof is in my hair. Follow the regiment, and I promise you will be as happy as I am with the outcome. 



 "I'm not just the owner, I am a Client"

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